Designed to run for 18 months, TABUROPA is an international research and theatre project on the topic of taboos that will be conducted in four selected countries: Portugal, Poland, Belgium and Germany. Based on their respective historical and cultural traditions, these four countries each stand for a different set of experiences in dealing with taboos and thus exemplify the diversity of Europe.

Launching Phase Cologne

// UPDATE: Scroll down to see a video of the Bondage Workshop //


An intense meeting and exchange happened in Cologne during the Launching-Phase in late August. 25 Actors, directors and management people came together to meet each other and to confront themselves with the invisible, the hidden and the unhearable: Taboos in our modern societies. Have a look at the pictures.

Taburopa Launching Phase Taburopa Launching Phase 022_Begegnung_cMEYER_ORIGINALS_02 113_choreoArco_cMEYER_ORIGINALS Taburopa Workshop Dancers Taburopa Workshop Dancing 186_choreoArco_cMEYER_ORIGINALS Taburopa 035_Tor28_cMEYER_ORIGINALS_02 Taburopa First Meeting
Taburopa Pole Dancers Taburopa pole dancing

Bondage Workshop

Migawki z warsztatów shibari – Slaanesh & GanRaptor from Taburopa on Vimeo.