Designed to run for 18 months, TABUROPA is an international research and theatre project on the topic of taboos that will be conducted in four selected countries: Portugal, Poland, Belgium and Germany. Based on their respective historical and cultural traditions, these four countries each stand for a different set of experiences in dealing with taboos and thus exemplify the diversity of Europe.

PARTICIPANTS OF TABUROPA – An International Performing Arts Project (Belgien), Teatro Praga (Portugal),
Association of Culture Practitioners (Polen), Futur3 (Deutschland)

Arkadas-Theater / Bühne der Kulturen


Director: Agnieszka Blonska (Association of Culture Practitioners – Warsaw)

Performers: Angel Kaba, Marielle Morales, Sayaka Kaiwa, Igor Shyshko ( – Brüssel)

Production-Assistant: Madelaine Reiner
Production-Coordination: Michael Neupert
Stage- & Costume-Design: Petra Maria Wirth
Light: Boris Kahnert
Video: Valerij Lisac
Technics: Marco Stadie





Director: Arco Renz (, Brüssel)
Performers: Rita Morais, Nuno Leão, Ricardo Teixeira, Sónia Baptista (teatro praga – Lissabon)
Production-Assistant: Tanja Martin
Stage- & Costume-Design: Petra Maria Wirth
Light: Boris Kahnert
Technics: Max Geilke



Kölner Künstler Theater


André Erlen NO RETURN Director: André Erlen (Futur3 – Köln)
Performers: Dominika Biernat, Dawid Żakowski, Sean Palmer, Joanna Wichowska (Association of Culture Practitioners, Warsaw)
Costume-Design: Anna-Maria Karczmarska
Stage-Design: Petra Maria Wirth
Stage-Decoration: Anna-Maria Karczmarska
Light: Boris Kahnert
Production-Assistant Poland: Justyna Wielgus
Production-Assistant Germany: Jana Marscheider
Technics: Michael Baumert





SHHHHHHHOW André TeodosioDirector: André Teodosio (teatro praga, Lissabon)
Performers: Anja Jazeschann, Bernd Rehse, Tomasso Tessitori, Pietro Micci (Futur3, Köln)
Stage- & Costume-Design: Petra Maria Wirth
Light: Boris Kahnert
Production-Assistant: Judith Heese
Technics: Mario Forth



Artistic Management: André Erlen
Stage- and Costumes
Design and Management: Petra Maria Wirth
Technical Management: Boris Kahnert
Stage-Design-Assistant: Eva Sauermann

Costume-Design-Assistant: Marie Abel

Foto-Documentation: Werner Meyer
Lena Rogowska

Video-Documentation: David Sypniewski

Graphics: Bernd A. Hartwig

Public Relations: Jens Ofiera

Online-Editing: Katharina Ley

Producer: Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V.

Project-Management: Gregor Leschig, Rolf Emmerich

Production-Management Germany:
Armin Leoni, Judith Heese

Production-Management Poland:
Anna Katarzyna Regulska-Lokanga, Joanna Wichowska, Magdalena Sobolewska

Produktion-Management Belgium:
Ine Vander Elst

Production-Management Portugal:
Elisabete Fragoso

In Cooperation with: Arkadas Theater/Bühne der Kulturen, artheater, Kölner Künstler Theater und Design-Quartier-Ehrenfeld

Scientifical Accompaniment: Dr. Hiltrud Cordes



Martina Mühlburger
8 years ago

Hallo liebes Team,
habe das Stück (die Stücke) im Sommer in Köln gesehen und war so begeistert, dass ich mit meinen Schülern (Oberstufe) ähnlichen Stoff im Englischunterricht erarbeiten möchte. Hatte am Abend schon mal gefragt: Gibt es nun eine Textvorlage für die ersten Teile? LG Martina Mühlburger

Dear team
We have seen the play (plays) in summer in Cologne and were so enthusiastic about it that we intend to work on a project like that with students at college, ‘Would you happen to have script of the especially second and third parts for us by now, have been asking for it at the evening already. Many thanks Martina Mühlburger