Designed to run for 18 months, TABUROPA is an international research and theatre project on the topic of taboos that will be conducted in four selected countries: Portugal, Poland, Belgium and Germany. Based on their respective historical and cultural traditions, these four countries each stand for a different set of experiences in dealing with taboos and thus exemplify the diversity of Europe.


… To encourage people in the participating countries to think about existing taboos, how they operate and the impacts that they have in everyday life.

… To facilitate the breaking of taboos in a real and aesthetic sense by having artists explore them as well as to promote active participation and an open, stimulating debate about alleged taboos via creative and original artistic endeavours.

… To promote the comprehension and awareness of taboos as a manifestation of European diversity and thereby to stabilise the European integration process.

… To create a platform where European artists with different approaches to their work and styles can meet and work together.

… To bring together cultural organizations from different European countries, to develop networks and to stimulate new cooperative projects, so as to promote the emergence of a pan-European cultural practice.

… To record and collate the experiences made during the work on the project and its results so as to stimulate an ongoing debate.